Personal insurance

A happy family is a family that is healthy and with sufficient resources to meet all of its obligations including food, healthcare, transportation, housing and education. Any unexpected major expense in any of these areas might disrupt the ability of the family to continue its normal and happy way of life especially with respect to an unexpected health problem caused by sickness or accident. Therefore, taking care of and protecting the health of all family members is of paramount importance.

Medical innovations have brought many solutions to solve problems of health care. However, with these innovations there is a rapidly rising increase of medical examination and treatment costsespecially where the best and modern treatment is required.

PVI Insurance has developed practical solutions for most of the unexpected financial risks that individuals and families face every day. We offer you to come to us so that we may share the troubles in your life by way of appropriate insurance programs, enthusiastic and professional consultants, and a wide network of partnered hospitals that are willing to provide you 24/7 care, support and assistance.

The following describes some of the more common personal insurance lines. If you do not see what you are looking for here please contact us for additional information.