Insurance for Motor Vehicle Owners' Civil Liability to Goods in Transit

PVI is one of the 03 largest motor vehicle insurers in the local market. With a nation-wide network of branches, regional offices and agencies, we continuously strive to improve our service quality to become a reliable choice for our clients.

Subject insured: Vehicle owners operating within the territory of Vietnam.

Insurance benefits: Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, the vehicle owner will be compensated amounts paid to cargo owner for any loss of or damage to the goods carried by the vehicle under the Civil Code in the following cases: Collision, overturning, toppling, falling, sinking; fire or explosion or collision with other objects; natural disasters such as storms, floods, landslides, lightning, earthquakes, hail or tsunamis.

In addition, the vehicle owner will be compensated any expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred to:

  • Prevents and mitigates damage to the goods.
  • Preserve, handle, stores the transported goods resulting from accident.
  • Any survey expenses for losses related to belong to PVI Insurance’s liability.  

PVI Insurance also extends the insurance term by compensation for the goods of vehicle owner.

•A reputable, capable and leading insurer of high quality in Vietnam;
•A professional, enthusiastic and dedicated consulting team;
•Nationwide network of treatment facilities
•Settling claims promptly and accurately;
•Providing 24/7 support and assistance by our PVI Insurance Contact Center Customer Care Centers and the hotline 1900 54 54 58.

Product distribution network

  • Direct sales: Please contact any of PVI Insurance’s team of professionals at our points of sale by telephone or by coming to any of our locations: Sales Network
  • Online sales: Please visit and follow simple instruction to buy insurance online

Customer service

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